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All of my books are available on the Amazon marketplace.  Check them out below or head to my authors' page on Laura Darrell: Books, biography, log, audiobooks, Kindle

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The Great Resignation - How Coaching and Appreciative Leadership Can Help You WIn the War for Talent

In The Great Resignation, Laura Darrell applies her 25 years of leadership experience from organizational greats like Starbucks, Apple, and Boston Pizza to the biggest challenge facing companies today – how to attract and keep great talent. She shares data and insights from trusted institutions like MIT, Deloitte, The Dale Carnegie Institute, McKinsey, and Harvard to help leaders understand why people, now more than ever, are leaving their jobs and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

This book will highlight for you the main reasons behind the great resignation as well as the following practical leadership principles that are proven to drive the retention and attraction of top talent:

  • A robust onboarding and training experience at all levels of an organization is the foundation for a culture that thrives.

  • Developing internal talent requires a formalized process for managing performance and advancing careers.

  • Healthy organizations highly value coaching and appreciative leadership styles, from the CEO to the middle managers.

  • Leadership accountability is the only way to enhance organizational performance and sustain business results.

The Great Resignation is a concise read that provides leaders at all levels of an organization with practical leadership tactics to implement with your teams today, helping you win the war for talent.

The Promotability Gap - The Real Reasons You Aren't Not Advancing in Your Career and What You Can Do About It

ebook cover - The Promotability Gap.jpg

In her new book, The Promotability Gap, Laura Darrell applies her 25 years of leadership experience developing people and teams at some of the most beloved companies of our time to help people understand why they aren’t advancing in their careers and how they can take charge of their own professional development. She shares insights from her research conducted with senior executives across the retail, hospitality, marketing, communications, government, and financial industries about why people fail to advance within their organizations.  

Using research data from trusted institutions like MIT, Deloitte, McKinsey, and Harvard Business School, this book highlights for you the top reasons people don’t advance professionally and the following professional development areas that will help you take charge of your career:

  • Why effective communication skills are essential to career growth and how to develop those skills enhancing your ability to keep the attention of senior executives, deliver killer presentations and how to speak and write with confidence.

  • How empathy has become one of the most in-demand skills for the future of work and how you can develop this skill in your everyday life.

  • How to gain valuable leadership experience without having managed a team, helping would-be first-time managers close one of their most challenging promotability gaps.

  • Why your personal brand at work matters so much to your promotability and how you can actively build that brand in a way that senior leaders will notice.

  • How to identify if you are being impacted by one of the ‘dark reasons’ people fail to advance in their careers.

The Promotability Gap is the most complete and authoritative guide for employees at all levels of their careers, providing them with a firsthand look at the most common reasons people fail to advance in their careers. In this book, you’ll learn specific professional development tactics that come at little to no cost helping you close those promotability gaps and advance your career.

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